Wedding day

Written by raanan

Looking for somthing unique for your special day?

There are endless possibilities. Contact us and together we will find the most suitable option to make your special day into perfect day.

special pic

Fruit pralines

Written by raanan

The combination of fresh fruit and chocolate is magical!
No flavor can compete with the natural flavor of the fruits.
I carefully choose the fruits of the season, so we will use only the best and the very fresh fruits directly from the market.
I know how to create a delicate balance between the fruit flavors and the chocolate flavor.
The natural fruits pralines are very unique and suitable for exclusive events.
Despite the frute chocolate will be served as a dessert, after the first bite it will be the the main memory of the meal.
Can be combined with almost any fruit - mango, raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, orange, lemon, passion fruit ...
friut choco

Filled bars

Written by raanan

Imagine a huge praline.
How wonderful it can be, instead of getting a normal 12 grams, to over 100 grams of soft creamy tasty chocolate bar.
Now, it is not necessary to imagine!
My filled bar of chocolate are exactly this huge praline. Full with different fillings - caramel, coffee, cherry, macha...
The possibilities are endless.

Chocopop - Chocolate Lollies

Written by raanan

Is it a pop cack? NO! Its Chocopop

The Chocopop are much better then just cake pop!!!

There are loads of way to make chocolate lollies, endless tasts and shapes.

 like my lollies inside to be soft and creamy.  Can do them plain chocolate or with flavours. For me the best lollies are the one with fresh fruits chocolate!



Written by raanan


This truffle is one of our own development!!!

In this truffles you will find a winning combination of white chocolate and cream cheese. These two components are making very special taste that words can not describe.